Top SEO Myths and Mistakes

New to the world of SEO? Looking to come up the page ranks on Google? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is your ladder to success. Well with all its pros, comes few cons as well which are generally SEO myths among blogger or web community. With Google constantly changing its algorithms, paying heed to some of these small yet significant details might help you get a notch further up than your fiery competitors-all going out and out in this virtual arena of blogging.


5 SEO Mistakes - by

SEO myths / Bad SEO Practice

So here are a few common SEO Facts and mistakes which you should do away with:

1) Meta-Keywords are now old – Fashion, Move on!

Like filling up the many meta keywords in your website/blog thinking that this might enhance your page rank?

Our view – Don’t flood your Meta keywords because it’s now a old fashion. The priority of meta keywords is less on Google. So don’t be completely dependent on this. Using meta keywords in excess only increases your code length and make it looks like keyword stuffing and does nothing out of the box to enhance your page rank.

2) Cut-Copy-Paste Syndrome!!

Are you a victim of the Cut Copy Paste Syndrome? Avoid it here! During article writing, try being original. Getting an idea from the web regarding your topic is never been a bad idea but Never copy stuff directly from a blog and paste it into your own blog. Doing this might land you up in trouble with Google considering your post as a spam post and accusing you of plagiarism.

One question might be running in your mind-what if you still want to copy articles from others blogs/websites, how to do it in a good manner? Well the answer is here - If you have copied something from other blogs or websites make sure you give a credit link to the source of your copied article, either in between the post or at the end. Giving credits is a nice habit and a good SEO practice.

3) Stick to where you belong!

People love to comment anywhere and everywhere irrespective of whether they have knowledge about that particular field or not. This is a strict no no! Identify the areas of your interest and genres (niche) and look for related blogs and comment there on those particular   genres itself. Don’t overuse your power of writing and stick to your specific areas only. People will love it and this will help you achieve that professional status and respect that you always thrive for.

You might be wondering what’s the reason behind this point? Well consider this situation- Suppose you visit some blog/website related to “Cooking” and frequently leave your comments there expecting that readers or commenters of that site will give a hit on your Tech (suppose) blog URL. If you think like that then you are completely wrong, just think- will the people interested in knowing about cooking recipes show their interest in Technology Blog? And what if you daily comment on some Technology [or blog/websites of your genres (niche)]? Just think!

4) The spinner won’t make you a winner!

Using the content spinner to spin the content that you have copied from a blog will not always rescue you. With Google’s algorithms getting smarter with each passing day, you’ll be easily caught and will be spinned in your own web. Try keeping the content original. Don’t rely on other blogs to take you through always. Research about the topics you need to comment on and then frame your own post.

Spinners are just automated software which can’t change the meaning of an article but can only change the words with their synonyms and other automated stuff which is just as simple as finding an Elephant in a colony of Ants!

5) Anything in excess is not good!

Same is the case for the main keyword used in your post. The keyword should never be used in excess. Using the keyword in excess might be taken in bad light by Google which eventually might affect your page rank on Google. So, choose your words wisely and only where required.

If you have any doubts regarding SEO, feel free to leave your comments below.

+Sushen Jamwal is a Technology enthusiast, Professionally an Engineer from Amity School of Engineering & Technology, New Delhi and a Man behind, He is known for his out of box ideas.His area of interest includes Coding, Writing, Wordpress, PHP, Java, Social Media and Reviewing Tech Gadgets. Sushen Jamwal on Twitter

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11 Responses to “Top SEO Myths and Mistakes”

  1. Dan Keller says:

    The SEO games had definitely changed in the past couple of years and you are so right, the old ways just do not work any longer. I have been focused on guest posting, social media, and commenting on quality blogs and this seems to be working well for me so far.

    • Admin says:

      Yes Dan, you are right.SEO game is completely changed and we should opt the genuine ways to build backlinks. Thanks!

  2. John says:

    I agree with @Dan Keller. Your article holds some good points.

  3. saha says:

    Very inspiring post and good points. Originality is every thing. SEO game is changed but SEO is still the one way for optimization. Social media and comments will help but you get better result when content is optimized. Apply SEO and advertise your site, have patience, be consistent, and you will be rewarded.

  4. One more SEO tip post penguin update –> Keep your backlink profile as clean as possible. Thanks!

  5. Parigh says:

    Now google is focusing on froce fully SEO and They penalize it so best way is keep your backlinks as rel=”friends”

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